What is Idea Co-Op?

The Idea Co-Op is a coworking space for entrepreneurs and remote workers to have a space to work and collaborate with like-minded individuals. We are located in a rural setting on 36 acres in Hancock County. We are still only 4 miles north of I70 just north of Greenfield which makes Idea Co-op an easy location to get to.

How big is the facility?

The Idea Co-Op is approximately 15,000 square feet indoors and is located at NineStar Connect’s b-e-a-u-tiful North Campus. We also have about 36 acres of “green space,” outdoor space for anyone who prefers working outdoors or has a project that needs to be done outside.

Come check it out, to schedule a tour contact IdeaCoop@NineStarConnect.com or call 317-323-4332.

What are your operating hours?

Idea Co-Op is open 24/7 to its members. Regular business hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm apply to those with a day pass.

Do you share an Idea Co-Op members list?

No, the Idea Co-Op does not share a member list.

What amenities are offered?

The Idea Co-Op has a number of amenities offered to members. We have a fitness center, where you can get your workout on, as well as a shower where you can get your fitness off. We
also have a Corner Coffee Café to get your morning or afternoon boost. Idea Co-Op also has two meeting rooms that can be reserved. That’s not all, there is an Education Center that can be
booked for classes or events. A large break room is also accessible to members. Don’t forget the Podcast Room, Video Room, Server Colocation availability and phone booths! Two Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations are available to use free of charge. And much, much more…for questions about our amenities give us a call, 317-323-4332.

Can I work at Idea Co-Op if I’m not a member?

Of course! Non-members can rent the Education Center at $25/hour or rent office space on a day-to-day basis for $10/day.

Is Idea Co-Op part of the passport program?

You bet! To learn more or see other co-working spaces included in the Indiana Co-working Passport
visit www.indianacoworkingpassport.com

What is included in my membership?

Members receive four hours a week of conference room space, 150 copies/print outs per week, and four hours per week of podcast/video room rental. Unlimited use of private phone rooms, outdoor work pavilion, Corner Coffee Café and fitness center. Aaaaand parking is free!

How much is a membership?

Our base membership pricing is $75/month for a general membership or $250/month for a private office. Sounds pretty good, huh?

Can I reserve a dedicated work space?

Yes! Dedicated offices are $250/month.

Are Server Colocation services available?

Oh, yeah! Server Colocation services are available to member and non-members! We provide full-rack, half-rack, and unique community rack options. The colocation facility is monitored via
our 24/7/365 Support Center and recorded for maximum security. Access to the facility is secured via keycard, with each rack having a unique combination lock. Each rack option
comes standard with power, battery backup, and internet access. All of these can be upgraded if needed.

Is Outsourced IT/technical help available if needed?

That would be another yes! We offer hourly and block hour options to both members and non-members. Hourly is $125 during business hours and $150 after business hours. Please call to ask
about our block hour pricing!

Does Idea Co-Op offer mail service?

Idea Co-Op does offer mail services if you lease an office space (not available to a general membership). You can have mail/packages from USPS, UPS and Fedex or freight shipped to our location.

Are Sponsorship still available?

We do have sponsorships available! Please email IdeaCoop@NineStarConnect.com or call 317-323-4332 for more information! You can also visit
the Sponsorship section on this site for more details.