By becoming a sponsor of Idea Co-op you will be investing in entrepreneurship development and helping to grow the local community and our economic development efforts. Your company will be prominently displayed as a sponsor at the facility as well as in Idea Co-op marketing avenues. Idea Co-op will become a natural location for you to visit, work, and partner with people and businesses in the area.

Below are a few ways you can sponsor Idea Co-op. Please contact us for pricing or for other opportunities for sponsorship:

  • Sponsorship of the Education Center
  • Sponsorship of the Outdoor Pavillion
  • Sponsorship of the Corner Coffee Café (spoken for by Parr Richey)
  • General Annual Sponsorship


Thank you to our current sponsors!!

view to the north

Barnraiser Sponsors:

Harvester Sponsors:

Cultivator Sponsors: