Membership in Idea Co-op can be a General Membership or a Private Office Membership.

General Membership: You benefit from all the features of Idea Co-op and you can locate yourself in the open Collision Space, taking advantage of a variety of desk options in this general area.

Cost: $75 per month.

Private Office Membership: If you find yourself wanting a plan where you can lock up your dedicated space at the end of the day, you can rent a private office.

Cost: $250 per month.

Each Membership has a $50 Application/Processing Fee.

Bench in front of Idea Co-op

What Members Have To Say

“Idea Co-op has supplied exceptional support to my businesses with the unique factors it has to offer. Having access to 3,200 miles of field edge fiber will help in the development of next generation ag-tech solutions and being able to utilize over 23 acres of tillable land has helped in the development and demonstration of our handheld digital lab scanner that geo-locates and analyzes a plant’s leaf for nutrient composition. Through Idea Co-op, NineStar Connect has demonstrated their commitment to development of ag technologies in east central Indiana and I am excited to see the impact Idea Co-op will have in the region.”

— John Mascoe, Founder & CEO of Leaftech Ag and Vancoe Ag Technologies

"The Idea Co-op at NineStar is a great place for small business owners or individuals looking for an office to work from. As a small business owner, I appreciate the very affordable monthly rent which includes utilities and furniture. NineStar also has other great amenities such as a fully stocked kitchen with appliances, a 3D printing lab, Virtual Reality room, and a gym. Great facility to have private meetings or to network and mingle with fellow co-workers."

— Matthew D. Hales, Managing Partner of Meridian Group